Placeholder person
Current FernClan
Past None
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Siblings Icypool
Mate Oakclaw
Kits Midnightkit, Dreamkit
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentice(s) Unknown
Role-Play Moss
Crowwing is a jet-black she-cat with long claws and dark, navy eyes.


Crowwing is very grumpy and non-optimistic, but can be happy occasionally. She is very stern and wants to make sure her kits grow up to be great, healthy warriors. She notices her kit's every flaw, so she can make sure it can be fixed.


It is unknown what happened during Crowwing's early life, but her and her sister, Icypool, were seperated somehow. Icypool is now in LakeClan.

Crowwing is a queen of FernClan, and mother to Midnightkit and Dreamkit.

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