Placeholder person
Current LunaClan
Past None
Father Rookpelt
Mother Unknown
Siblings None
Mate Cinder's Cat which I don't remember the name of x.x
Kits None
Mentor(s) Rookpelt
Apprentice(s) None
Role-Play Neha
Nightspirit is a black tom with icy emerald eyes, and a fluffy tail. 


He's good-natured and kind, always willing to help, but he tends to get stressed out and pressured a lot. This causes him to have mental breakdowns occasionally, which aren't his fault. His life wasn't easy, and he's nervous and scared around cats he doesn't know.


Nightspirit's childhood wasn't fun. His mother left FernClan after he was kitted, leaving him in his father's care. He was never good enough. His father would unsheath his claws during training, and injure him on purpose. His father always wished for a better son, one that wasn't that much of a disappointment. More coming soon

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