I would like to figure out some mates for my cats and they will have kits because the wiki needs populated.


Nyanheart already has a mate which is Nightspirit. They will have two kits.

  • Shoon's kit
  • kit 2


One of my favorite cats<3. His mate is going to be Natalia I just want someone else to rp her. If you win you can choose her description and personality. You also get a kit. Owen and Natalia will have 4 kits liek as soon as I decide who rp's Natalia.

  • Hazel - pale gray she-cat with white paws, chest fur, and muzzle. She has green eyes.
  • Kit 2
  • kit 3
  • kit 4


Cherrypaw is a delicate and skittish cat so I want her a mate that can take care of her and someone who could encourage and inspire her. She will have 1 kit which goes to Shoon as Shoon is always there to rp with me<3. Also she will have another kit that goes to the Rper of the father.

  • Lilackit/paw/gaze- pale gray she-cat with beautiful lilac eyes. Rped by shoon.
  • kit 2


Icypool just needs a regular everyday tom. She doesn't need anyone perfect just someone that suits her. She will have maybe 2-3 kits.

  • Tealkit/paw/spirit- black she-cat with teal eyes.
  • kit 2
  • kit 3


Oh Spiderheart. I want forbidden love for her, kinda like a Leaf X Crow thing but no kits. I want a tom from a different clan but no kittypets. I will accept loners and rogues though.


I want her to be with an abusive tom someone who she will later dump in a mudhole. They will have a kit and then break up.

  • Tiny_________


She is a female player. I want her to mate with like 3 Toms, have kits and then she will dump 2.

  • Shockingkit/paw/lightning-black she-cat with yellow lightning bolt symbols on her sides and eyes with pink eyes.
  • kit 2
  • kit 3

new father here…

  • kit 4
  • kit 5
  • kit 6
  • kit 7

new father…

  • Darren- tabby tom with yellow eyes.
  • kit 8
  • kit 9

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